imageThese are my go to oats. They are super simple and have great flavor.

one cup quick cook oats
one tbsp Raisins
one tbsp Cranberries
one tbsp Pb2 (powdered peanut butter)
one tbsp Coconut sugar
two tbsp Maple syrup




This is one of my go to breakfasts. Its super easy. And also really delish if you add berries.

at least four Bananas
one tbsp of cacao powder
one cup Blueberries/raspberries (optional)


These quesadillas are one of my go to meals. They are so easy and delicious, plus I could go for them almost any time of day.  Ingredients: avocado refried beans corn bell peppers onion salsa
These quesadillas are one of my go to meals. They are so easy and delicious, plus I could go for them almost any time of day.

two tortillas
one avocado
1/4 cup beans
1/4 cup corn
1/4 cup bell peppers
1/4 cup onions
one tbsp salsa


  1. Place topping ingredients on the tortilla then cover with other tortilla.
  2. cook each side until golden brown on a pan with heat on high


This is Danielle, writing to you from my bedroom floor, wanting to tell you a bit about my life and the the different aspects of it that make me, me.

I don’t get interests, I get passions, Veganism being one of them. This giant passion started with the simple idea from my best friend, Anna, leading me to do more research into the topic. Throughout my research I discovered more vegans, vegans who were thriving and happy. I wanted to be like them, so I made up my mind and went vegan overnight.

Unlike a lot of vegans, I have never struggled with an eating disorder. My struggles are a bit different; Trichotillomania: the compulsive urge to pull out ones hair. This has been my main struggle since about the age of 11, though symptoms started to appear around the age of 6.

Sophomore year of high school, February of 2013, I pulled all of my hair out, I was an emotional wreck. That was when my family and i realized we needed to make some dramatic changes in order to set me on a path to recovery. I’m not talking just a new therapist. I’m talking a new school, a new program, new meds, new psychiatrist, new everything. New things were happening all around me but I wasn’t putting much effort in. Well I actually couldn’t physically put much effort in. I was not in a good place mentally.

Once I moved schools and my path started looking like there was light at the end of the tunnel, that was when I found out about a plant based lifestyle, something within myself  I could take part in, a piece of my recovery that I was 100% in charge of.

Throughout my vegan journey I have experimented with different types of food, deciding which ones make my body feel the best. I have learned to trace back my symptoms to their root cause, instead of just covering them up and hiding from them. Today I see myself being plant based for the rest of my life.